Increasing Efficiency with Hydrema

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Published in Deals on Wheels Magazine edition 285

Hydrema (HYDRaulic Earthmoving MAchinery) was founded in a small workshop in Aalborg, Denmark, in 1959, and is still a 100 percent family-owned company. Despite its small beginnings, Hydrema has grown to become a familiar sight on construction sites in UK and Europe.

Today, the business produces Hydrema equipment from its factories in Denmark and Germany, with wheeled excavators, backhoes and land-mine clearing machinery being some of the arsenal manufactured for the world construction and military markets.

NZAM Machinery introduced the Hydrema brand to the New Zealand landscape around 12 years ago, recognising the need of compact dump trucks to meet the needs of New Zealand’s unique landscape. The 4 wheeled, 10-ton capacity, 912ES and the 20-ton model 922D are becoming increasingly popular with Kiwi contractors, and have quickly become a firm favourite of the operators once they realise the capabilities of their machine.

Hydrema 922D dumper

One of the key reasons for Hydrema’s success is the extremely low downward pressure these dumpers exert on the ground. The 922D model fitted with the optional 800/45-30.5 tyres exerts a mere 0.85kg per cm2 of downward pressure when fully loaded. That is just over half the downward pressure of competing ADT’s in its class. This means the dumpers are able to be used for 365 days of the year with far less hold ups due to weather and ground conditions. The Hydrema’s are also far smoother, faster, and easier to operate than the tracked alternative giving higher productivity, all year round.

The four wheel Hydrema 912ES dumpers fill an important niche in the market. On small to medium size sites, the quick turnaround of these dumpers working in tandem means dump trucks face shorter queuing times, waiting for others to be loaded or dumped off. This makes the material flow more like a conveyor belt, avoiding lulls and rush periods for machinery loading the trucks or spreading the fill.

Agricultural contractors are also finding the 4 wheeled 912ES a winner. As a direct replacement for the tractor trailer combo, contractors are finding the versatility and off-road performance of these dumpers a huge bonus. Not only can they get around the site quicker but they can go anywhere the tractor would venture, and more.

Based in Palmerston North, NZAM Machinery has delivered Hydrema dumpers to customers from Invercargill to Kaitaia. The increasing popularity of Hydrema shows the increasing confidence in the market as the brand becomes more established in the New Zealand market. When customers try out the dumpers and realise the benefits of them there’s no turning back, in the words of a recent Hydrema customer “it was one of the best investments I ever made!” 

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"Increasing Efficiency 365 days of the year" Hydrema advert