Not an entirely new name around the block...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The history of NZAM Machinery and its humble beginnings.

Not an entirely new name on the block, NZAM began as a Hart family partnership in 1997. For a start the focus was very much on earthmoving and roading developments with John, and his sons Joe and Tim, behind the controls of the their excavators, turning over the soil. As time moved on the Hart family diversified into hire and machinery sales with the formation of Hireways Ltd in 2003. Hireways quickly became the owning company, with NZAM as a trading entity.


In 2013 it became obvious that NZAM should separate from Hireways to focus their abilities and efforts on selling into the machinery market. NZAM Ltd is now a dedicated business entity specializing in the sale and purchase of new and used construction machinery. Bulldozers, excavators, loaders, trucks, trailers, whatever!

The company operates out of a large premises in Palmerston North and offers a full workshop employing a dedicated team of mechanics, auto electricians and engineers. This gives the company the ability to carry out any modifications to machinery that are required by clients such as buckets and guarding. With all the previous advantages of having access to the facilities provided by Hireways, NZAM is now forging ahead in the machinery world.


Tim Hart, the Managing Director of both NZAM and Hireways, is passionate about machines, looking to provide quality machines which exceed expectations.

Darren Drake has recently returned from Samoa to head the sales team, with Jayden Currie in support. The re-inclusion of Darren in the sales team after two years working in a fishing business in the islands is an exciting development in this ever growing business.


The website is finally having a long awaited rebuild; Hart says “we want it to be a real-time experience however you choose to visit. Our customers respect the attention to detail and the commitment to providing the machines in ready-for-work condition. This provides value for money which is well-known among our customer base.”


NZAM are the sole New Zealand agents for Hydrema. The Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT’s) are sold new and used and are proving to be an amazing all-terrain tool. With typical German quality these dumpers are also extremely robust and competitively priced. The highly customizable tip tray can be removed and replaced with almost any tank or setup available. Current configurations around the world include fertilizer spreaders, water sprayers, grain bins and snow-ploughs. NZAM also sells specialized rail certified Hydrema’s to the rail market which are very popular with their operators.


NZAM LTD, 433 Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North, 0800 000 465, email

 John Hart driving a bulldozer on his fathers farm

Caption: Where’s the roll bar? John Hart learning to drive a bulldozer in his tender years. 

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