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Thursday, 14 July 2016

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Rippers and other bulldozer and grader attachments now available


NZAM Ltd is now recognised as the official New Zealand dealer for Bedrock rippers and attachments. With a growing demand from customers for rippers and other attachments for bulldozers and grader, NZAM reached out to Bedrock to supply good quality and cost effective aftermarket attachments. 

Bulldozer rippers for sale

NZAM first began dealing with Bedrock back in 2012 when the first rippers were purchased and fitted on a bulldozer in the hire fleet. These rippers stood firm in the test of time and we purchased more sets, some of these for customers and others to fit on other bulldozers and graders in the hire fleet. 

Bedrock Attachments also supplies pushblocks and blades for graders, stcikrakes, window guards and sweeps for bulldozers and a range of other machinery attachments. 

For more information regarding rippers and attachments contact NZAM on 0800 000 465 or 

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